About jci malaysia business summit

Year 2019

JCI Malaysia Business Summit is a well-known event which creates and supports business networking in ASEAN. Our principle goal is to bring business and stimulate thinking on the most challenging ASEAN issues. JCI Malaysia Business Summit is supported by Federal Government of Malaysia Vision: Becomes the biggest aggregation of ASEAN Prominent Entrepreneurship Experts (APEX) in ASEAN. Mission: Creating a platform for entrepreneurs to shine on the stage of ASEAN.

5 top reasons why you and your company would benefit from attending:

1. Learn how to create a brand of purpose that delivers a positive impact and profits

2. No CSR-fluff – Get real-life insight and tactics from your peers

3. Build relationships across a multitude of industries

4. Three tracks – one event Make the business case using the latest data innovation Influence stakeholders to drive culture change Accelerate progress – people, process and technology

5. Not your average conference